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As the internet has increasingly become the first port of call for many buyers, estate agents now receive large numbers of enquiries from buyers through their own websites as well as from the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla.  Whilst the internet provides a fantastic “shop window” for buyers to take an overview of what is currently available in their area of search and submit their brief wish list it is only by entering into a dialogue with an agent can the agent fully understand his or her needs and direct them to the most suitable homes.  For example does a request for a garage really mean the buyer wants to park a valuable car or do they just need good storage space?  If the later is the case an agent will often be able to offer a wider range of suitable properties rather than just those with a garage.  By listening and probing and responding accordingly a good agent can save both buyers and sellers time that might otherwise be wasted on unsuitable viewings.  A deeper understanding of a buyers’ needs means that an agent can discover what has prompted the move, the likely timescale involved and whether there are related sale or finance issues to be addressed.  A successful sale does not depend solely on the suitability of the property, but also on whether the buyers’ circumstances are compatible with those of the seller.  Why not give us a call to see how we can help you.        

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