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Location is often the most important factor when choosing a property, but for the majority of movers it seems a vicinity of 20 miles is the limit.  Data from My Home Move found that on average 70% of all home movers move less than 20 miles from their old property.  Of those who went further, 85% still opted to stay within 75 miles of their former home.  The only exceptions in this survey were movers who left London for the south west, jumping a region and travelling more than 100 miles to settle in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset.  Jonathan Bye, director of Eric Lloyd & Co, commented that “sales of properties by Eric Lloyd & Co in Brixham, Churston, Galmpton, Hookhills and Broadsands certainly confirm the findings of this survey.  Many properties are sold to local buyers – first time buyers, “up-sizers” as well as “downsizers. As well as many buyers relocating from London and the Home Counties a significant number of buyers continue to relocate from the Bristol area and the south Midlands lured by the slower, “deck chair”, pace of life in the West Country.  However the significant proportion of local home movers underlines the continuing importance of including local press advertising, such as the Herald Express, within the mix of an estate agents property promotional strategy”.  Doug Crawford, chief executive of My Home Move, said “It would seem we really are a nation of ‘home bodies’ preferring to move no further than 20 miles from our old postcodes!”          

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