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The last few weeks have seen something of an Indian Summer in South Devon, mild temperatures and bright blue skies.  However the changing of the clocks this coming weekend signals that the start of winter is not far away.  Activity levels have remained buoyant during October with the market looking to remain set fair for the rest of 2016.  For anyone with a property on the market at the moment a few simple tips will help to keep it as attractive as possible to potential buyers.  As the leaves begin to fall make sure that they are cleared away to maintain that “cared for” kerbside look.  It is particularly important that lawns are kept clear of leaves and kept trimmed to prevent them taking on a yellow uncared for look as Christmas approaches.  It is always best if viewings can be arranged during daylight hours.  However for some that is not possible so it is vital that a property is as bright and as welcoming as possible when the light is poor.  Make sure the lights are switched on before a viewing and wherever possible have the heating on so that the property feels warm and inviting.  If it is dark, don’t forget the outside lights as well!  If your property is empty, make sure you have informed your insurers who may well insist that certain steps are taken to reduce the risk of frost or storm damage.  These usually include either leaving the heating running or draining down all of the water systems.  Finally, if your property has been the market for a while make sure there are no daffodils in the photos, Torbay is mild but not that mild!