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At Eric Lloyd & Co we have a detailed knowledge of the complete buying process.


Apart from the obvious aspect of helping you find the ideal property for you, our detailed knowledge of the local area means that we can advise on such matters as schools, doctors as well as local organisations and activities.


We can also provide both buyers and sellers with a range of recommendations for professional services. These include; mortgage advisers, solicitors, surveyors, removal firms, etc. We may receive an introductory fee (between £50 - £200) for some of these services.


Finding the right property is just the start of the journey! Once a price has been agreed (we are here to achieve a satisfactory outcome in the negotiations, but please bear in mind that an estate agent always has to act in the best interests of the seller of the property) the legal process of purchasing starts. We have excellent working relationships with many local as well as national solicitors and conveyancers, if you do not already have a lawyer to act for you we can help you select a firm best suited to your needs.


As part of the buying process, many purchasers commission a survey. There are three different levels of survey. The most basic is the valuation inspection carried out on behalf of the mortgage provider. The main purpose of this valuation is for the valuer to check that the amount of the mortgage being granted is covered by the value of the property and that there are no major defects. This is not a detailed survey. The survey commissioned by most purchasers is a “Homebuyer” report carried out by a Chartered Surveyor. This is a detailed inspection of the building looking at all aspects that can be checked without significant disruption to the property. This gives a good overview of the condition and will often make recommendations that a particular aspect is looked at in more detail by a specialist contractor. The most comprehensive type of survey is a full building survey where the surveyor looks at every aspect of the structure in minute detail. This type of survey is not normally necessary when purchasing a reasonably standard residential property. Again we can put you in touch with a number of fully qualified surveyors.

If a survey highlights areas which require remedial work we can put buyers in contact with a whole range of builders, electricians, plumbers, roofers and other specialist contractors who will provide an estimate of any likely costs so that your buying decision is fully informed.


Once all the legal formalities are in place to the satisfaction of your legal adviser and you are satisfied with the results of the survey the purchase becomes legally binding when “exchange of contracts” takes place. At this point the date for completion is set – the day you actually take ownership of your new property.


On the actual day of completion an Estate Agent has to wait for confirmation that the owner’s solicitor has received the money for the purchase before we can release the keys to the buyer. This normally happens around midday, but delays can sometimes occur with the result that actual moving in cannot take place until later in the afternoon. Most removal companies are used to this but it is worth checking if there are any extra charges if a delay occurs.

If you are thinking of moving, why not request a free no-obligation market valuation of your property?

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