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This is the time of year where keeping on top of the exterior appearance of your property really makes a big difference. The leaves are starting to fall and the bad weather isn’t far away. Making sure your property is maintained and ready for winter is a much easier job done now, rather than when the damage is done. Simple things such as keeping gutters clear, making sure windows and doors seal properly in essence keeping the water out and the heat in.   

Equally important is keeping the heating on during the colder months of the winter. Even an empty property massively benefits from a couple hours of heating each day. This prevents the damp setting in and causing damage, which not only puts buyers off but usually results in further negotiations.

Here at Eric Lloyd & Co Estate Agents, part of our service is keeping an eye out for any potential problems properties may face coming up to winter. For example, we recently organised a patio and garden path to be cleared of weeds from an empty property. This not only enhances the kerb appeal, but also meant the surface water drains were cleared and are now unlikely to block in heavy rains. This will now prevent any damage being done over the winter months.

If you are looking for an Estate Agent that not only sells your property, but is willing to keep an eye on it or even undertake checks when you can’t give us a ring today on 01803 852773 (Brixham), 01803 844466 (Paignton).