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Here at Eric Lloyd & Co we have a designated sales progression team. Over the 64 years we have been selling properties throughout the Bay we have found that in recent times a sales progressing team has become a necessity. With the ever-changing laws, new regulations and solicitors asking more and more questions we rely on our sales progression team to chase up the loose ends, communicate between buyers, sellers, solicitors, other estate agents as well as tradesmen, surveyors, removal companies and many, many more separate parties.

Eric Lloyd & Co’s sales progression team is made up of Vanessa Ripley, Monday through to Wednesday and Wendy Button, Wednesday through to Saturday. No matter which day you need support on a sale or purchase you can call and have a chat. Wendy and Vanessa are always on the phone making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.  

Bill Bye Director of Eric Lloyd & Co said “we trialled a sales progression team with Wendy and Vanessa during the busy summer of 2017. This meant a much better service was given to our vendors as well as buyers, both being given frequent updates and a consistent point of contact. It also allowed our negotiators to negotiate with more buyers as well as our valuers to concentrate on valuing. All in all, it has provided a much smoother more professional system, we have never looked back since.”

There are very few estate agents that offer this level of service through the sales process, most online agents simply don’t provide it at all! If you are struggling to find the estate agent that provides the right level of service from day one right up to completion, give us a ring today on 01803 852773 (Brixham) or 01803 844466 (Paignton).