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The £700,000 scheme at the Windy Corner junction between Paignton and Brixham is slowly coming together. It may be causing delays, but the tarmac has been laid and it’s beginning to take shape. 
These improvements will provide an additional approach lane for traffic heading towards Paignton, created by constructing a new lane towards Brixham, which uses a short section of Bascombe Road.
Elected Mayor, Gordon Oliver, said: “This is a major road improvement which is beneficial to business for the whole of Torbay specifically needed to assist the growth of business in Brixham, including the fishing industry, and the surrounding area.”
If this scheme is successful and removes the traffic congestion from the busy Windy Corner junction we could see a positive impact on demand for properties in Brixham. Some home buyers who visit our Churston office, only a stone’s throw away from Windy Corner, have previously been hesitant in considering properties only a few miles away in Brixham. The frequent heavy traffic kept them in areas such as Broadsands, Hookhills or Roselands. However, if these improvements create a free-flowing route from Brixham through to Paignton we could see more buyers considering the outskirts of Brixham. We will have to wait and see.