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On Saturday 25th  November Brixham will be lit up by the annual “Lantern Parade”.  It starts on the harbourside at 5.55 p.m. and meanders through the town bringing light and sparkle, plus Santa, to the port.
At this time of the year, if you are selling your property, lighting up your home is also vitally important when a prospective buyer comes to have a look around.  If it is a dull winter’s day or the viewing is scheduled for later in the afternoon, make sure the all lights are already on before anyone arrives.  This will provide a welcome into every room and avoids going into a dark room and fumbling to find an unfamiliar light switch.  (Ideally the heating should be on as well if the weather is cold.)
If you have outside lighting also turn this on.  It will help a potential buyer find the right house and potentially avoid any mishaps if it is dark.
Christmas time is a festival of light, make sure you are not in the dark!